TruView Photography

Real estate marketing is about winning the battle online.

With over 94% of buyers starting their home buying search online, your online marketing is your first impression.  Our TruView Photography™ images are second to none when it comes showing each space and feature of the home in its best light.  No other photography company is more consistent with it's photography than pixvid.

TruView Photography™

is our proprietary technique that allows us to create an image that closely matches what the human eye sees in real life. We accurately capture all the natural highlights and shadows of each space, as well as capture the window views to avoid having those ugly blown out windows that distract the eye from the rest of the image. Our advanced TruView Photography™ technique will make your listings stand out online, and they will also make you stand out as a real estate agent. 

What makes us different?

It takes a lot more than a great camera, lens and advanced techniques to make a great photograph. A truly great photographer needs to have extensive knowledge of their camera equipment, know how to use both ambient and supplemental lighting, know how to properly expose an image, understand the subject matter they are photographing, and know how to compose the best shot for each space or feature. The photographers at pixvid are trained to create beautiful images that make your listings stand out online.  Win the battle online, and you win more listings!